I was recently discussing with another artist the question of why we do art.

One thing artists generally share in common is the desire to create art that matters—art with meaning.

We humans tend to approach a piece of art with a sense of curiosity. We seek to discover what the artist is trying to express in the work.


The gallery image Mystic Milieu received an Award of Excellence in the exhibit "Strong and Powerful" featured on Exhibitions Without walls.

There's a new interview with me posted on Exhibitons Without Walls at this link:

This is a link to a recent interview with me by Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International.  http://ln

John’s work is featured on the cover and in a ten page article in SILVERSHOTZ: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY.

John Anderson gives a rare behind the scenes look at his most recent exhibition. In this video John gives insight into his motivations and technique.

John Anderson’s work was featured in an international magazine called Silvershotz.


The images on this site represent my work over time. Each one is created as a single stand alone image. The majority of my work is produced on aluminum with some being available on canvas. I am also available to do commission work for corporations, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals. I am happy to work with clients in creating unique work made specifically for their environment.

The artist may be contacted at, through the email contact on this site, or by phone at  912-232-9062